Becoming an Adult

There is no hard line between childhood and adulthood. You don’t magically turn wise and responsible when you turn eighteen. There is no angel coming down from the sky, or a minister knocking on your door saying: “congratulation, you are an adult now”. No, It is a gray line. Adulthood and responsibility happens gradually. We… Continue reading Becoming an Adult

The Subtle Art of Dealing with Procrastination.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” ― Abraham Lincoln The definition of procrastination is: To postpone to tomorrow, to temporise or leave tasks to be accomplished at a later date. Procrastination comes from latin pro (going forward) and crastinus (tomorrow).It is a tendency to systematically postpone actions. A difficulty to start work, especially if… Continue reading The Subtle Art of Dealing with Procrastination.