About Me

Who am I?
Hi, my name is Vincent, I am a Health coach and a Massage therapist.

I have a passion for the fields of health and self-development.

I studied Naturopathy at the Institute superior of Naturopathy, in Paris France.

I came to study Naturopathy because of my personal struggles with diets, mood-swings  and health. As a teenager, I was overweight for a long time, and tried so many different diets, without success.  From My experience and studies, I have accumulated strategies to deal with and overcome these issues. Because I can relate to the daily struggles of healthy living , I feel particularly suited to empathize and give advise.
Because I love what I do, I am constantly researching new methods, reading and training to improve myself and provide better services.
And of course, most of all I learn from you.
I would be humbled to help and take part in your journey  to better health.
Cheers, Vince.